Zaheer Edoo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm.   He started Cardinal out of his own personal experiences and frustration dealing with financial advisors for his parents’ investment portfolio.  He felt that there was little thought and planning around the client’s financial goals.  Advisors would continually want to switch investments, chasing after the latest market fad.   Often enough, switching investments would result in buying at the top and selling at the bottom of the market, and looking out for a client’s best interest was often secondary.   Finding out how a portfolio actually performed over time was difficult to ascertain.  The fees built into many investment products were high and fee disclosure was opaque.  Large Wall Street firms had name recognition but a “mass production” mentality in their approach.  It was “cookie cutter” for them.  Advisors at these firms were not really interested in understanding the client or what made them unique, or the clients’ investment goals.


Choosing Cardinal is about developing a long-term, one on one, relationship with the purpose of helping you to achieve your unique financial goals.  We are not another large faceless wealth management firm.  We care about each of our relationships.  We are investment advisers with a personal touch.  Let us help you put your mind at ease.